Monday, November 06, 2006

Remembrance Day 2006 Project

To commemorate Remembrance Day 2006 in Milton, Ontario CANADA a blog has been created to allow all those interested to learn more about the soldiers of Milton who served and lost their lives in the Great War (1914 - 1919).

This site will contain the list of all soldiers (and others) who are listed on the Milton Cenotaph, or are interned in Milton's Evergreen Cemetery.

From the links on this blog, you will be able to access the Attestation Papers of the soldiers, as well as the Memorial Certificates published by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. As we progress, we will link the soldiers names to the Canadian Virtual War Memorial, the Canadian Great War Project, and finally to the units in which they served as detailed on the CEF Matrix.

If you have additional information on any of the soldiers on the list, we would be pleased to add the details to each soldiers profiles.

For additional details on the Canadian Expeditionary Force in the Great War, please visit the CEF Matrix Web or the counterpart CEF Matrix Blog. Here you will find details on the structure of the CEF during the Great War and the Army Corps and Troops that made up the CEF ranks. In addition, the Matrix provides you with a number of Matrix Utilities to support your continued research.


GailOnABookOdyssey said...

Fantastic. Thanks for doing this.

John Challinor II said...

Richard, good work.

Two clarifications. Roland Merritt's name is spelled correctly. I checked three sources to confirm. One source is a key lists books available at MHS which I purchased when doing the original research. So, please correct your blog accordingly.

Second clarification. Mary Patterson served in World War One. Jim Dills has personal family papers confirming this. I attempted to confirm by hiring a research in Great Britain. He was unable to confirm through war records because they were destroyed in World War Two as a result of a bombing. However, based on what I shared with him, he surmized that she was a participant in the war effort. Again, please correct your blog accordingly.


John Challinor II

Richard Laughton said...


A copy of all the corrections are now on file at the MHS.

The two corrections to which you respond are in fact correct and the book is incorrect. The VAC and CWGC have now corrected the spelling as I noted to MERRETT. This was verified through his service records by those agencies.

There was no such person as Mary Patterson and all parties have now agreed. Her name is no longer read from the cenotaph on Remembrance Day and the CWGC is working with us on a proper technique to remove her name from the Cenotaph.

As such, no changes were made to the blog on these two matters. Several other errors were subsequently identified and they are shown on the web site as well.

I suspect there are also errors in my work and I would ask anyone that notices these to please post here so that they can be addressed. We must all work together to make sure that "history" is reported correctly.

March 3, 2009